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Buy vapes online in canada — also known as e-cigs — which contains e-liquids that contain glycerol or propylene glycol that are used to dilute nicotine, as well as diacetyl, which is used to produce flavour. While the products do present toxicity risks, they are believed to be less serious than those of tobacco.

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Mathieu Valke, a toxicologist with the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, notes that there is another risk that should be considered when the products are being consumed: “The problem is that there isn’t too much regulation over the content of these liquids, so we don’t really know what’s in them.”

Health Canada says the Tobacco Products Labelling Regulations, which extend to vaping products, requires that “labels on all vaping products must include a list of ingredients. Furthermore, vaping products that contain nicotine must have a standard label displaying the concentration of nicotine and a warning concerning the risk of addiction associated with nicotine.”

“Vaping is a bit of an act of faith,” said Dr. Mathieu Morissette, a researcher at the Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec, which is affiliated with Laval University. “We can procure e-liquids from someplace dodgy or order them online without really knowing what’s in them. Not everyone has a biochemistry lab at home to analyze the contents.”

All of which explains why Health Canada wants to take a closer look on a very large scale, targeting 1,000 specialized stores and 2,000 dépanneurs.

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Health authorities are concerned about the growing popularity of vaping — particularly among young people who are otherwise non-smokers — because of the nicotine addiction it can create.

However, a ban seems unlikely because a crushing majority of users — 85 per cent, according to the most recent survey by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec — are e-smoking to stop using tobacco.

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