Hybrid strains

Hybrid marijuana unites the effects of sativa and indica, so we love hybrids more than pure strains. Perhaps you even dream to breed your own hybrid weed strain.

Many stoners will agree that hybrid weed strains are the best of two types of marijuana: indica strains  and Sativa strains . In another case, it is like to choose between white and black.

How are Hybrid strains made?

Hybrid marijuana is created by crossing two weed plants of different sex and strain. Just pollinate a female plant from one strain with a male plant from another strain. The seeds that you will finally receive are a new hybrid strain. You can use these seeds to grow clones and produce hybrid flowers. The effects of a new hybrids could be different from their parents’ ones.

Thus, breeders usually spend many hours before they finally create a new hybrid with great effects. However, who knows, you might just breed a new strain with amazing effects and properties. But until then, you can enjoy one of the already existing hybrid weed strainsand share your experience in the comments below.
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